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The final installation of the tremendously acclaimed Dark Souls series, Dark Souls 3 bring characters back to a dying world, a world where the flames are fading for the last time.

If nothing else, Dark Souls 3 is meant to leave the same striking impression as previous games in the series. Everything about the gameplay suggests utmost difficulty, and the crushingly dark and beautifully sorrowful environment offers a degree of immersion that few other games can match.

The story begins with the fires of the First Flame fading, no longer sustainable by further sacrifices and linking. Their promise of warmth, power and life in the world is withering as entropy, represented by the unceasing march of the Deep and the Abyss, threatens to consume the universe for the final time. It is up to you, an Ashen One, to prove your worth and rise from your previous failure to link the Fire. The game focuses on your journey as you explore the ruined land, finding the previous lords of Cinder who had linked the fire in the past and gather them to their thrones, willing or not, for one final kindling.

Brutal and unforgiving combat dominates the gameplay. Throughout your journey you will meet a fascinating cast of characters that provide you with advice and interaction as you progress to your goal. Beautiful instances of lost history abound across the landscape, visible in item descriptions and architecture, all long ago left behind the hollow bodies of the land's former residents. Though an arduous journey, you do not have to go it alone. Timelines and worlds bleed into each other, and with the exciting multiplayer features, you can complete the game with friends or challenge each other to combat along the way.

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